Reasons to scrap your car

There's a multitude of reasons you may want to scrap your old car. Perhaps most frequently, the car has failed its MOT and is too expensive to repair. If your car has been in an accident this can be another reason. Less commonly, a car can develop a fault whilst the owner is already considering the purchase of a new vehicle. Because, just diagnosing a fault in a car can be expensive, you may consider simply scrapping the car instead.

Perhaps the most pressing need to scrap your car comes from the fact that any car that is not declared off road needs to be taxed. This is true even if the car is broken and not in use. In order to avoid paying extra road tax it is best to scrap a broken car at the first opportunity. When you scrap a car that still has time left on its tax disk you can claim back the road tax for the time remaining.

Scrapping an old car is also good for the environment. Old cars are far less fuel efficient than newer cars, which means that they produce larger amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. By scrapping a car and replacing it with a new one you will be reducing your carbon footprint. Also, when we scrap a car at Scrap Car Z we ensure that as much of your old car is reused or recycled as possible.

For a small minority of people the car scrappage scheme offers some extra encouragement to scrap their old car. Should your old car meet the strict rules laid out by the government, you may be eligible for a £2,000 discount of the OTR price of a new car when you scrap your old one.

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