The FREE Scrap Car Collection Service

Scrap Car Z is a nationwide scrap car collection service. We use only the most dependable scrap car breakers from across the UK.

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  • Completely free collection!
  • Nationwide coverage
  • DVLA notification
  • Environment agency approved recycling facilities
  • Convenient collection times

Your scrap car can become a real problem, especially if you are unable to declare it off road as you will continue to be required to pay road tax for your scrap car even if it does not work. We tow away old scrap cars for absolutely nothing, regardless of their condition.

Just phone 0800 043 5100 or fill out the form to the right to book collection of your vehicle today!

Choose Scrap Car Z

We have a lot of satisfied customers throughout the UK, due to dedication to customer service. As our drivers have great knowledge of the local area, they can be with you very quickly if need be. We pride ourselves on being prompt and arriving to take your scrap car at the time you arrange with us. We collect cars around the clock seven days a week so we can work around your life.

We will make sure that your vehicle is disposed of legally. Unfortunately many of our competitors are unscrupulous and engage in dodgy practices, such as selling on 'scrap' cars without informing the DVLA of any change of ownership. This can lead to you being fined! There's no need to worry about these things with Scrap Car Z; we keep everything above board, and inform the DVLA on your behalf that the car is no longer on the road and is to be scrapped. We scrap cars in the most environmentally friendly way we can, to ensure that as much is either reused or recycled as possible.

Scrapping your old car will help keep the roads of the UK clear as long as it is properly disposed of by a reputable company. Having these old cars lying around makes our area untidy, so help us to help you. Get in touch and scrap your car today!

The government's car scrappage scheme

The car scrappage scheme at first looks like a great move. You are limited in the type of car you can buy though. You can't simply go out and pick any car you want. This is very frustrating for people looking to get themselves a new car as you have to get the car that is in the scrappage scheme at the time.

How to scrap your car

It's so easy to scrap your car with Scrap Car Z. Just by picking up the phone you can learn the process from our helpful phone operators. Alternatively, you can read our guide so you already know what the process is.

Reasons to scrap you car

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to scrap your car. The most common reason though, is that the car has failed its MOT and would be too expensive to repair. When you have a car that is unusable you need to either declare it off the road (and get it off the road) or scrap your car.

Areas covered by our free scrap car collection service:

Arrange collection of your scrap car

Just call us on 0800 043 5100 or fill out the following form:

Do you have the log book (V5C)?:
DVLA notified
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When we scrap your car we notify the DVLA that your car is now off the road (make a SORN) and can be de-registered.
Environment Agency approved facilities
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Scrap Car Z only takes your cars and vans to Environment Agency licensed vehicle recycling facilities.
The green choice!
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At Scrap Car Z we always recycle as much as we can from the vehicles we collect, from the metal in the engine and chasis to the catalytic converter, ensuring maximum benefit to the environment.